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Temperature sensor in Refrigerators/freezers

Refrigerators and freezers became part of daily life and found space in every house to preserve food and perishables. The refrigerator thermistor is a very critical component that act as mind along with the electronic control system. In cooling chambers, the sensor sends the signals when temperature rises above or go below to the set points and activate/stop the compressor. In an evaporator, the sensor is used to sense the set point again at which the defrost cycle begins thereby controlling the occurrence of frosting of ice on the coils.

Temperature sensor in Refrigerators

So in short the temperature sensor (NTC thermistor) plays a vital role in overall performance of the refrigerator/ freezers; It has to be precise, reliable and fast in response and that’s why Thermosen NTC thermistors are the first preference for global OEM’s.

Thermosen NTC Thermistor

Key features of Thermosen refrigerator sensors include:

  • NTC Thermistors with plastic housing for precise temperature measurement.

  • High insulation to moisture and water.

  • Tolerance for resistance and B-value good as 1%.

  • High product stability and reliability.

  • Fast response within 10 seconds.

  • Consistent performance in operating range of -40 to 85°C.

These sensors are available at Thermosen with customized options of wire, housing, connector, resistance/ tolerance as per the customer application demand.

Refer the standard datasheet here; Thermosen awaits your custom RFQ.


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