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Slot RTD| Slot Sensor| Coil winding sensor| Application & Benefits

Motors running in turbines, damages either due to overcurrent or overheating. If the temperature of the motor winding exceeds the range, the windings could be damaged or the motor insulation might breakdown or completely fail. Hence RTD (PT100/PT1000) is commonly used in coil winding protection for temperature sensing. In absence of this sensor; the motor is exposed to:

  • Insufficient cooling

  • Heavy duty starting

  • Increased switch frequency

  • Single phase operation

  • High ambient temperature

  • Phase unbalance

Slot RTD| Slot Sensor

These RTD’s directly monitor the winding temperature of motors. The slim dimensions of Thermosen RTD’s make it easy to mount between the motor windings.

These sensors are able to withstand high operating temperature upto 180°C of the coil winding. The features of these sensors include:

  • Small/Slim dimensions to get inserted between windings.

  • High dielectric strength of 3KV.

  • High product stability and reliability.

  • Temperature range upto 180°C.

  • Customized dimension of sensor can be supplied on demand.

RTD placed in Motor Windings

These RTD used in turbine coil winding commonly called “Slot Sensor” or “Slot RTD” are available with Thermosen in wide options to customize, including dimensions, wire option, PT100/PT500/PT1000 option. Please get in touch with us with your RFQ to suggest a suitable sensor.


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