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Space grade NTC thermistor | Space qualified temperature sensors | ISRO qualified sensors | TNT-10116-L501

Satellites and spacecraft venture into a realm of extremes. In this environment, accurate temperature measurement is crucial. Regular thermometers wouldn't last a minute in space, that's where space-qualified temperature sensors are required, THERMOSEN have got space qualification from ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) for NTC thermistors to be used in satellite

Thermosen Space-qualified temperature sensors are specially designed to endure the harshness of space. They undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand:

Extreme temperatures: Spacecraft experience vast temperature swings, from the blistering heat near the sun to the bone-chilling cold in deep space. These sensors need to function flawlessly across a wide range.

Radiation exposure: Space is bombarded with radiation, which can damage electronics. Space-qualified temperature sensors are built with radiation-resistant materials and designs to maintain accuracy.

Vacuum: The near-vacuum of space can cause components to outgas (release trapped gases) which can affect performance. These sensors are specially sealed to prevent this.

Space-qualified temperature sensors play a critical role in various spacecraft functions:

Thermal management: Sensors help regulate the temperature of sensitive electronics, preventing overheating or freezing.

Scientific data collection: For missions studying planets or stars, accurate temperature readings are essential for understanding the environment.

Propulsion systems: Monitoring engine temperatures is crucial for safe and efficient operation.

Our space qualified NTC thermistor part# is TNT-10116-L501 with below specs

The standard specifications are:

1. External Visual Inspection: @10x Magnification

2. Serialization (100%): Yes

3. Zero power resistance: R @ 25°C and R @ 125°C

4. Thermal Shock:

(a) Temperature Steps /cycle – 55°C, 25°C, 125°C & +25°C

(b) Dwell Time – 15 mins at each temp extreme & 5 mins at 25°C

(c) No of cycles : 5

5. Zero power resistance: R @ 25°C

6. High Temperature Storage: At 125°C, Duration 100 hrs.

7. Zero Power Resistance: R @25°C

8. Insulation Resistance Test Voltage : 100V/2mts between

body & both leads joined together –V Block method

9. Resistance Temperature Characteristics: R @ -30°C, 0°C, 25°C, 40°C & 70°C

10. Final Visual Inspection: @10%

Body : Epoxy encapsulated

Bead : Metal oxide

Lead : Copper tin alloy.

Lead finish : Solder finish

Lead dia : 32 AWG (0.2 mm)

Thermosen space-qualified temperature sensors are silent heroes, ensuring the smooth operation of spacecraft in the unforgiving environment of space. These tiny devices play a vital role in our quest to understand the universe and push the boundaries of exploration.

Here is our certificate and ceremony picture:

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