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What is the key safety feature of an Induction Cooktop?

Cooking food at home has become safer and easier with the help of an induction cooktop. Induction cooking uses electromagnetism that controls and strengthens heat energy inorder to turn cooking pans into cookers and hence cooks food more quickly and safely with less energy.

When the power is turned on, the current starts flowing through the induction coil which generates a magnetic field that produces heat in steel cookware placed on the top of it. One of the major concern in induction cooktops is the temperature measurement. The temperature is an invisible variable in the control because no probe can be placed in contact with the vessel due to product requirements.

How can the temperature of the induction cooktop be monitored?

Keeping temperature under control and reliable is the most important aspect of Induction cooktop. The usage of NTC thermistor; that is located under the glass ceramic where the cookware temperature is considered equal to the temperature of the in-contact glass which is a cost-effective solution and very reliable solution.

The electronic controller takes input from the NTC thermistor to regulate the set temperature and avoid overheating. The thermistor is connected to the interface of the induction heating control board which detects the change in temperature and makes a corresponding protective effect.

Perfect solution for reliable Induction cooktops!

Thermosen aims to offer best affordable and precise NTC Thermistors that accurately monitor the temperature of the induction cooktop, thereby making them more reliable and secure. Thermosen is known for developing quality products which in turn gives a better solution for a safe and reliable cooking option.

The sensor features include:

  • High stability & reliability

  • High measuring accuracy & quick response

  • Flame resistant and retardant

  • Silicon Rubber housing

  • Complaint to RoHS Directive 2015/863/EU

Please get in touch with Thermosen to discuss any queries or custom requirement for Induction cooktop temperature sensor.

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