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Temperature sensor for medical devices

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

While designing a medical device one of the major challenge is to ensure reliability, consistency and precise performance of electronic components used. In most of the medical situation its vital to keep track of different health criteria of patients to address any abnormal changes, temperature is one of such critical parameter that need to be monitored accurately. The accuracy is obtained when the sensor is directly touching the patient's body to notice any changes in no time. So the temperature sensor for medical devices should respond fast, accurate and reliable.

Thermosen have successfully designed customized temperature sensor and served to some of the leading OEM's in medical Industry, with faster response less than a second, 0.1% tolerance, 1 million cycle and compact design (as low as 1.5mm bead dia.) Thermosen sensors are the preferred choice of designers. These sensors are available with customized option of wire, epoxy, resistance value and tolerance that too with material compatible for human skin. The sensors can work in -40 to 150 ℃ range and construction can be designed to handle high pressure/humidity and harsh climatic conditions

Applications for these temperature sensors could be in baby incubators, hand held health monitoring devices, ventilator thermometers and many more. Please get in touch with Thermosen team for any customize development of temperature sensor for medical application.


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