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BMS Temperature Sensor | OBC Sensor | Battery pack thermistor

Life and efficiency of a Lithium battery pack depends majorly on the operating temperature, battery tends to discharge faster in hot climates compared with normal room temperatures. moreover the intake of high current would further increase the temperature. This calls for a Thermal system in a battery pack. The BMS is responsible for measuring the individual cell temperature and control the thermal system accordingly to maintain the overall temperature of the battery pack

Too low battery temperature will slow down the charging rate while high battery temperature may create a hazard. Maintaining the correct charging temperature range is important and increase battery life subsequently

Lithium-ion batteries has proven to be the choice for Electric Vehicle manufacturers because of its high charge density and comparatively low weight.

It is important that these batteries should never be over charged or under discharge at any circumstance which brings in the need to monitor its voltage and current that requires a special dedicated system called the Battery Management System that ensure battery is neither overcharged and also should be completely used before asking to recharge. The sensor play a vital role to feed reliable input of temperature/ voltage to BMS to act accordingly, Thermosen automotive grade temperature sensors are precise with tight tolerance, repeatability and built to last long in rugged environment. These sensors are available in standard and customized epoxy encapsulation or LUG housing with different combination of wire & sleeve to match application

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