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Temperature sensor for Electric vehicles

Battery is the heart of any electric vehicle and so its very important to monitor battery health continuosly on the run. The electronic module play a vital role to monitor & control health of battery with the help of reliable sensors

Thermosen is one of the leading manufacturer of temperature sensor for Electric Vehicle application goes along with:

- Electric Motor

- On-Board Charger/ AC-DC Converter

- Battery Management System (BMS)

- Charging Pile

- In some models,along with Charging Cable

Key Features:

Tolerance for Resistance and B-value is around ±1%

High product stability and durability to work in harsh environment

Thermosen offers customization on the Screw on type Lug/wire/B-value/Tolerance/construction

Sensor can sync with the program to control temperature range of Charger, Battery pack, Motor on in the charging pile

The Screw-on LUG type sensing top allows for easy installation and can be installed on metallic surface for temperature detection; available in M3, M4, M6 as standard size.

Fast reponse Epoxy coating

Robust sheilding (Nylon insulation) offers better resistance of water, heat, and voltage.

Refer the datasheet for detailed understanding and referring part numbers to float RFQ to Thermosen.

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