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Cars 2 Tamil Dubbed Movie Download



The movie starts with Lightning McQueen (English voiceover) talking about how he needs to earn $3.93 million to pay his taxes, and that Toy Story 2 is due out soon, meaning he has three days before his new nemesis, Chick Hicks (English voiceover), can get him disqualified from the Piston Cup. He desperately goes to get his souped-up police car, nicknamed "Critica" (a wordplay of "critic"), but Rusty (English voiceover) convinces him to go to California and he gets a job with Radiator Springs. Lightening is nervous for the race because he's afraid of Chick and his team (except for the new character, Nice Guy Ed), but an offer to race in the Piston Cup helps ease his nerves. Meanwhile, the Radiator Springs Police make an arrest on a dark sedan driver for reckless driving, which has caused an accident. When Lightening shows up, the dark sedan's license plate number matches one of the accidents Lightening caused when he was racing in the "International Race of the Century". The Radiator Springs Police officers let Lightening out of jail and tell him that it was no accident; the driver was also arrested. When Lightening reads about his arrest in the newspaper, he realizes that what Radiator Springs cops say are true, and that he really does keep getting in accidents because cars in his race are no match for the one he was driving the night he was arrested. Lightening buys an upgrade from Radiator Springs, so he can be a match for the car he saw that night. He learns that it belongs to a doctor and is being driven by a young girl named Sally (English voiceover) after she convinced her dad that the car is sick and needs help. As they race against each other to the city of Radiator Springs, Lightening and Sally flirt with each other. As they reach the city, they witness a prideful car standing in the middle of the track competing with Lightning's vehicle. They see that the car is an elderly hot rod, not by design but by using the bad engine from Lightning's car to help its aging engine. The elderly hot rod outruns Lightning, and just as Lightning approaches, the driver starts a race, and manages to win. To prove to Lightning that he is prepared and ready to race, the driver takes off. Lightning speeds towards the prideful car and catches up to it. As they near each other, an engine failure results in the prideful


full movie in tamil dubbed nadaikathu thadam

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