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  • What advantage does NTC thermistor offers? Can you mark some highlights-
    Accuracy: Lower Temperature variation with higher accuracy up-to ±0.1˚C Tolerance:thermistor will be tighter tolerance up-to ±0.25 % Response Time: Fast response over narrow temperature range
  • Can you make custom design temperature sensor for our application?
    YES, thermosen is ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of temperature sensors both NTC Thermistor and RTD (PT100/ PT1000) as our main products that we can customise to match application need. This include for specific material in sensor housing/ Wire/ Sleeve/ Unique Beta Value/ Tolerance/ Connectors etc. Thermosen offers NTC thermistor working upto 250°C starting from -50°C. The RTD's can work upto 600°C. Based on customer requirement we can workout on Fire retardant material,IP60, mineature size, Molded sensor. There shall be initial development charge aplicable for new product development, Please get in touch with us to workout on your custom requirement
  • What all beta values of NTC thermistor that THERMOSEN can offer? can I get RT (Resistance V Temperature curve) charts?
    We got wide range of Beta Values; their standard RT table can be reached at
  • What all standards Thermosen have for temperature sensors?
    We have received and applied certain certification based on the Industry & product needs. Please check with the product certification availabality on: UL Certification, ATEX, MIL-PRF-23648, Automotive, Space qualification
  • Does Thermosen products meet material compliance such as RoHS & REACH?
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  • Can we use NTC thermistor for inrush current protection? what is the maximum current carrying capacity of an NTC thermsitor
    yes, we can use . 10 A is steady state current carrying capacity of an thermistor.
  • Can I get mV or mA output from thermosen temperature sensors?
    Yes, digital output is possible from our sensors in 2 eays: - Using a Transmitter: A combination of RTD with electronic transmitter to generate linear mV output - Using a digital sensor probe: Offering linear mV output
  • Does Thermosen provide calibration certificate with their products? Do you offer testing services also?
    Yes, Thermosen standard test report supplied along with every consignment. Customised report can also be provided on request. Yes, we offer testing services on different electro-mechanical characteristics. please contact us with details of your requirement
  • Medical grade sensor- what is the difference from commercial grade sensor
    medical grade sensor uses raw material that highly precision & accurate; faster response than commercial grade of sensor.
  • What are the limitations of NTC thermistor?
    NTC Thermistors though very accurate and linear; it works in limited temperature range. The resistance output is also a limitation to read
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