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"Windows so clean Did you know that sparkling clean windows can actually make your home look newer, cleaner and more attractive? If you’re looking to sell or rent a property, an immaculate appearance can actually increase , we sometimes just don’t have the time to pick up after ourselves leaving , days upon days of little molehills that soon... Extend your spring cleaning spree into the great outdoors by tackling the patio. You can spruce up this space by pressure-washing your patio floors, giving tables and chairs a deep cleaning, and adding new decorative elements. Don't forget to scrub the grill, either. 700 Kuhn Rd, Carol Stream, IL 60188 United States Contact us now for your cleaning needs. Early in my career I worked with the Marriott chain of hotels in housekeeping and I loved every minute of it. The satisfaction of taking a messy room back to check-in ready gave me great pleasure. For me, there was nothing better than coming into a room and finding a note and the occasional tip that a guest left thanking me for the over and above service I provided them.oxymagic carpet cleaning franchiseOur cleaning methods are fast and soft drying, not hard or crunchy like other cleaners. This proves that no sticky residue is left behind. Carpet will stay cleaner longer. Because the power of our oxygen cleaner less moisture is , needed than with any other cleaning method. Typical dry time is around 1 hour! Oxymagic Carpet Cleaning Business Cost, Fees Facts for 2022 In the 1970's a supposedly revolutionary cleaning method was introduced - bonnet cleaning. Bonnet cleaning basically takes a towel and swirls it around on the top of the carpet using a machine -which results in distorted carpet fibers, lots of loose fiber that sheds after cleaning, and not much dirt is pulled out of the carpet. The absorbability of the towel or bonnet is the limiting factor in how much dirt can be pulled up.This cleaning method is still used by various "orange", "citrus" and "solution" cleaning companies. The process just swirls dirt around - basically evenly distributing the dirt across the entire carpet surface instead of really cleaning. """"""""


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